SEALUX shower seals combine a rigid pvc strip with Sealux-N silicone. To install Sealux the strip is filled with Sealux-N silicone and planted over the joint.

Each strip has a green tape (the red line) applied to the inside face. This tape is a silicone bond-breaker. The silicone will not bond to this part of the strip.

The silicone only bonds to the upper part of
the strip at x and the ledge at y.
To accommodate joint movement the silicone releases off the green tape and stretches like an elastic band to create a flexible bridge between the strip at x and the ledge at y.
This ‘bond-breaker’ tape creates great flexibility in the silicone, the ‘shielding’ effect of the strip over the silicone promotes durability and hygiene in the shower environment.
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